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On this episode of Let’s Be Blunt, Montel talks with Joline Rivera, founder and creative director of the premium culinary cannabis magazine, Kitchen Toke. Kitchen Toke is the first media company dedicated to teaching people about culinary cannabis for health and wellness. The website and magazine cover cooking and entertaining seasonally with cannabis along with […]

Psycholog w krainie konopi. Wypróbowałam na sobie olejki CBD!

KOD ZNIŻKOWY NA PIERWSZE ZAMÓWIENIE: PSYCHOLOGPISZE ~~~ *Źródła: Russo M, Calabrò RS, Naro A, Sessa E, Rifici C, D’Aleo G, Leo A, De Luca R, Quartarone A, Bramanti P. Sativex in the management of multiple sclerosis-related spasticity: role of the corticospinal modulation. Neural Plast. 2015;2015:656582. Genaro K, Fabris D, Arantes ALF, Zuardi AW, Crippa […]

Pennsylvania Hemp Steering Committee Farmer Outreach & Education

On this week’s hemp podcast we talk to two members of the Pennsylvania Hemp Steering Committee’s leadership team, Chet Lapp and Ben Davies. Together they co-chair the Farmer/Processor Outreach and Education subcommittee. We talk about their plans to reach farmers and processors, what sorts of challenges the industry faces, and how they will act as […]

JGO CBD Sour Gummy Bears Review

JGO CBD Sour Gummy Bears Review. The Jolly Green Oil Company has delivered some CBD Gummy Bears that I try in this video. They are 50mg a piece. CBD has benefits of eliminating pain, relaxing the body, and making one feel calmer. Here is my experience with it. Good action camera: Try Cash App […]

Learn English News With Subtitles | October 31, 2020

►Subscribe to English Online – Learning English with subtitles is very effective and English Online is the best English news channel for learning English. We have daily news with subtitles in English ►Share English Online Channel – source

Public Relations and Marketing During the Age of TikTok; A PR Pro Offers Tips | 220

Media has dramatically changed in the last 20 years. Just ask anyone who work(ed) in newspapers. Technology and the age of internet has turned the business of public relations and media on its head. Still, there’s an important role to be played by more traditional forms of public relations. Today on the AM/PM Podcast, Tim […]

Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil: What's the Difference?

Learn more: With the sudden rise in popularity of CBD infused products after the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, many first-time consumers are searching the web for the best CBD oils. But buyers beware – some companies are intentionally labeling products as hemp oil in order to confuse customers into thinking they are […]

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